In today’s competitive healthcare environment, a culture of excellence is key. That’s why Lucent focuses on the comprehensive needs of the Emergency Department to synergize and reenergize facilities that need help.  We consult with, manage and help transform underperforming ED’s that are struggling to meet their staffing needs and metrics, addressing all issues to get things back on track.

With Lucent, you have a partner who can provide comprehensive solutions that benefit both administrators and providers. Because we work with your long-term goal in mind, we put the right people in place to achieve excellence in the emergency department.

With structure and continuity everything falls in to place. Your administrative concerns decrease while workplace productivity and engagement increase, along with employee and patient satisfaction. It’s a win/win situation that benefits all and it’s right at your fingertips.

Interested in getting more info about our group and how we can help with your staffing needs? Contact Cory Carter.